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All our clothes have a special Silfir label. If they ever need fixing you simply send them back to us. We offer a 24 month service guarantee for repairs, which is done with as many original parts as possible: thread, buttons, you name it. Result: Your favourite clothes look beautiful for longer, so you can keep them for longer. Just click on repair and follow the process.

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If your item is worn out beyond repair you can still send it back to us for proper recycling. To reward your effort we will send you a gift voucher that you can use towards your next purchase. If in doubt, send it in for a repair first and we might tell you it can't be fixed. If you are sure you just need recycling click on recycle and follow the process.


the silfir circularity concept

“Consumers aren’t inherently bad, but they are overwhelmed with the task of organising themselves into living a truly sustainable lifestyle,” said Hannah Kromminga, founder of Silfir. “In order to initiate positive change in the world, we need to develop consumer solutions that are achievable and inspiring.”

make longevity effortless

We offer you an end-to-end care service covering the entire lifecycle of your clothes to extend their lifespan, because keeping things for longer is the most sustainable way of consuming 

be happy with less

We designed the Soft Workwear Uniform and select our add-ons to create the ultimate minimalist everyday outfit combining comfort, wearability, longevity and timeless design. We believe you don’t need many clothes to look and feel great.

strive towards zero waste

Silfir offers its customers to send all items bought from the shop back for proper recycling. If you buy our own designs you are investing into a fully circular design item, meaning we will be able to recycle the fabric into new yarn letting nothing go to waste. If


circular fashion partnership

We are taking our circularity concept to the next level with the launch of the Soft Workwear Uniform. Every garment will have a fully traceable label that allows everyone to access a product page created by our partner, which gives full insight into the garment’s supply chain - from material selection, design strategies and end-of-use opportunities". This is Silfir Circularity 2.0 - stay tuned.


reusable shipping bag

Turn it inside out to use it as a tote bag. Use it to send garments for repair, recycling or anything else you think it is useful for.

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3x longer

Every year, more than six million tons of clothing are consumed in the EU alone. Globally, The textile industry is ONE OF THE MOST POLLUTING INDUSTRIES. This topic is no joke. It matters. Some examples that made us realise the impact every consumer can have with their purchase:


Just one pair of jeans requires up to 20.000 LITERS of water during the production process


The carbon footprint of clothes in the EU alone is around 200 million tons per year


The waste impact of clothes in the EU alone is around 11,000,000 tonnes of waste per year (including supply chain waste and final disposal)


Sources: ECAP – Mapping clothing impacts in Europe: the environmental cost / Ecotextiles / Environmental assessment of Swedish fashion consumption, Sandra Roos